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Oct 26 2019


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm



The Halloween Forum: Scary Beings Among Us

As the leaves turn and the ethers thin, it’s better than ghost stories around the campfire – because the tales are real! Though Danielle Egnew spends her days channeling angels, she has been the lead Psychic Investigator with many paranormal teams both privately and publicly, in film and TV, examining some of the most dark forces known to humankind. Darkness is a force which exists with The Light. And though technically it is nothing to be feared, many suffer under the fear that these beings bring with them.

Bring your bravery to this chilling forum and learn: What do these beings look like and why are they here? Learn how to rid our spaces and minds of all these differing low vibration entities.
Much can be learned about ourselves, and how we handle fear, from examining the types of dark entities and demonic beings which dwell among us. Join Psychic, Angelic Channel, Medium and Author Danielle (ABC, NBC, CW, Huffington Post, Washington Post) as she puts on her annual Halloween forum, where you’ll hear about her most recent terrifying encounters with actual dark forces in the field of paranormal investigation. Purchase tickets in advance online at www.DanielleEgnew-Advisor.com/events.


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