Tonal Healing Studies Weekend Intensive


presented by Danielle Egnew

The first weekend intensive of the Rocky Mountain Academy of Energetic Arts earns attendees a Certification in Tonal Healing Studies. (Must attend both days to receive certification.)

This Tonal Healing Studies class is a prerequisite for the upcoming Tibetan Bowl and Tuning Fork Therapy Certification classes. (It is important to note that both the Tibetan Bowl and Tuning Fork Certification classes will only be available to students who have successfully completed the prerequisite Tonal Healing Studies class.)

Individual Course Tuition: $250

Includes class workbook, and Certification in Tonal Healing Studies certificate upon class completion. Due to limited class
space and material preparation, all class tuition is non-refundable.

Required materials:

★ 1 medium sized metal tibetan bowl (please no glass for this course)
★ 1 set of at least 8 tuning forks (A=440 Hz Tuning)
Materials for this Tonal Healing Studies certification class may be purchased at a discount through Barjon’s Books. See Susan Powell for ordering.

Course Schedule:

(No lunch break will be offered – attendees are welcome to bring snacks to
eat during course)

Saturday, August 24, 11am – 4pm

11:00-12:15 pm History of Sound Healing

Cultures that have used sound to heal; Religions / chanting / brainwaves; Music heals medical mentions; Tibetan Bowls,
alloys, why they heal; Tuning forks, types; native flutes, drums, didgeridoo; human voice

12:15-1:30 pm Physics of Sound Healing

Physics of sound Waves; How Differing frequencies affect us; How certain waves travel; What are the healing qualities of
harmonics; Types of Tuning 1 – the differing scales

1:30-2:45 pm Anatomy of Sound Healing

Density of sound through flesh, Density of sound through bone; Types of modern sound healing; Psychological aspects
of sound; Types of Tuning 2 – which frequency affects which organs

2:45-4:00 pm Spiritual Physics of Sound Healing

Unlocking DNA; Crystals that focus sound; Auric resonance that works with sound; How sound can levitate objects and
remove impurities; How sound carries intention; How harmonics create secondary healing / creating harmonics

Sunday, August 25, 12pm – 4pm

12:00-2:00 pm Working with the Body 1

Class lab: Application of sound utensils to the body
Materials required: Tibetan Bowls

2:00-4:00 pm Working with the Body 2

Class lab: Application of sound utensils to the chi structure
Materials required: Tuning Forks

About the Rocky Mountain Academy of Energetic Arts

Billings sits in a holy valley, often referred to by Native American plains cultures as a place where The Great Spirit resides. As such, Billings native and Psychic and Angelic Translator Danielle Egnew (ABC, NBC, CW, Travel Channel, Washington Post, Huffington Post) has founded her Rocky Mountain Academy of the Energetic Arts, offering certification classes in a number of energetic wellness practices. Classes are structured into learning module intensives designed to pack a three-week certification course into one weekend.

Certification courses will be offered in Sound Healing, Energetic Healing, and Angelic Studies and Communication. A total of seven courses will be offered in the first semester season running roughly August 2019 – March 2020, representing one weekend a month (excluding December). Classes will be held at Barjon’s Books.

Tonal Healing Certification Tuition Bundle: All three Courses for $699

+Tonal Healing Studies [prerequisite course] August 24th-25th
+ Tibetan Bowl Therapies (Sept. TBA)
+ Tuning Fork Therapies (Oct. TBA)

Energetic Healing Certification Bundle: All three Courses for $699

+ Energetic Healing Studies [prerequisite course] (Nov. TBA)
+Crystal Energy Application (Dec. TBA)
+Chakral Clearing (Jan. TBA)

Complete Semester Tuition Bundle: Bundle for $1500

+ All six tonal and energetic certification courses listed here
+ Angelic Studies and Communication Certification Class FREE!

To register, visit, or phone Barjons Books at (406) 245-4398.
All classes and tuition are non-refundable.


Aug 24 2019 - Aug 25 2019


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