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Jan 23 2019


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Wild Readers Book Club Meeting

with Melissa Smith
FREE – Open to the Public

Especially for eccentric personalities craving to discover, ponder and discuss new ideas about relationships, the world and life journeys.

Titles included in the fare will be contemporary fiction and nonfiction, sometimes metaphysical topics, but always challenging and encouraging us to be better people to each other and the Earth.

In addition to the introduction shared in the monthly newsletter and on the Barjon’s website, each title and monthly event will be posted on Facebook page, with weekly live updates.

This month’s title: Change Me Prayers, by Tosha Silver

“Change me Divine Beloved into one who can give and receive freely and be a clear vessel for your Light.” 

Tosha Silver, with her characteristic wit, charm, and mix of passion and humor, shows you how to invite the Divine into your life to create change and transform from the inside out. 

At its heart, this book is a spiritual guide for anyone open to living in union with Love, even in times of difficulty or crisis, and includes a convenient “Change Me Prayers Quick Guide.” Tosha proves to be a profound, unique, and often hilarious guide to awakening. May the Divine permeate every part of your life.

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