Jun 02 2023


5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Artwalk with Karyn Dunbar

Join Barjon’s as we  host Karyne Dunbar for June’s Downtown Artwalk reception. 

After retiring from 40 years of teaching art in public schools and privately, Dunbar has devoted her full artistic energy to the many faces of these mythic birds, bison, and images that are echoes of her Celtic heritage. 

Major life changes inspire artistic direction and focus. As I face new challenges I look with gratitude to the wings that have held me aloft for many years in my work. Some of you who are familiar with me know that revelations from dreams and an Arapaho elder assisted me to recognize my spirit guides. The bison was my first spirit mentor who later passed me to his companions, those clever, mischievous, mythic corvids.

At this time I felt the need to honor both my guides by pairing them in two paintings, showing both their energy and their natural serenity in harmonious contrast. They represent the yin /yang that lies in all things. My other recent images depict my winged guides more as spirit than physical entity. They are transitioning, as I am.

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Meet Author Linda Thomas

and get her new book, Crystals & Dragons:
The Venture Continues Lessons & Revelations

Saturday, May 20
12:00 pm to 4:00 pm