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Oneness Ekam Meditation

Oneness Billings Community has met at Barjon’s Friday at noon since 2011. When we get together and share Oneness teachings and meditation we are joining the Oneness Field, Ekam, located in South India.

The Oneness Field is a mystical realm of transcendence; a generator and amplifier of awakening states; and, a cradle for world transformation. Experience the power of the Oneness Field for states of awakening and fulfilling heartfelt intentions. Participate in the transformation of world consciousness.

By meditating in Ekam collectively, we will change the consciousness of all of humankind to an expanded state that is conducive to peace, love, and freedom. Ekam activates the chakras and awakens the kundalini, which creates a flow and sensitivity for all of life. At Ekam, a shift occurs so we can live life in a beautiful state of peace and love. This impacts all of life, bringing benefits to humankind and our beautiful Mother Earth.

The structure of the Oneness Field in itself is a phenomenon for how it can affect and uplift our consciousness into transcendental realms. Meditating and being part of these processes means we are being part of a powerful field that is guiding us into Oneness-consciousness.

For more information please contact Ossie Abrams at 406-670-7976 or osse.abrams@gmail.com.

“Ekam” is Sanskrit for “one/single/solitary/unity=Oneness”.



Jan 07 2022


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm