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Since 1977 Barjon’s Books has been located in the heart of downtown Billings, Montana. Over the last 40 years Barjon’s has been a resource for books, music and gifts that celebrate diversity of spirituality and culture. We are a place for exploration, relaxation, community and fun!

We have the largest selection of alternative spiritual resources in Montana. You can find huge selection of books for personal development, inner exploration and healing, as well as many resources on various religious ideas from around the world, both ancient and modern.

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Barjon’s features books on Alternative Healing, Personal Development, Parenting, Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Esoteric Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, Kaballah, Islam, Sufism, Meditation, Divination, Tarot Reading, Dream Interpretation, Women’s Spirituality, Goddess and Earth Religions, Paganism, Wicca, Magick, Shamanism, Native American Spirituality, Herbs, Natural Health, Children’s Books and more!


Barjon’s is a great place to find gifts for your friends and family…and yourself! From art and exotic statuary, to wall hangings and tapestries, Barjon’s has many unique and meaningful ways to add beauty and harmony to your life. We also carry an array of fine jewelry…both locally-crafted and imported. In addition, we have Gift Certificates available in any amount and are pleased to offer free gift wrapping.

Special Orders

We’ll take special orders on just about everything. When it comes to books, we are not just limited to the genres we normally carry. We can get a hold of almost ANY book in or out of print.

Ceremonial & Spiritual Accessories

We carry ceremonial herbs, incense, candles, and oils, as well as ritual bells, athames, Tibetan singing bowls, prayer wheels, prayer flags,  cauldrons, spell kits, altar patens, pendulums and scrying mirrors…to name just a few. Don’t know what some of these are? Stop by and visit with our friendly and knowledgeable staff… we LOVE to answer questions!

Sterling Silver Jewelry & Crystals

Whether you’re looking to complement your fashion, or find the perfect focus for your inspiration, we offer a huge selection of unique sterling silver jewelry and a wide variety of natural stones – both loose and set – from a huge variety of quartz, jasper, tourmaline, and much more than can be listed here . Look slowly, appreciate each unique shape, color, and texture, and you might find you’ll hear the stones singing!

Greeting Cards

Sometimes it is hard to find that perfect card. We at Barjon’s go to great lengths to hand pick thoughtful and unique cards for almost every occasion.

"Beyond right and wrong there is a field. I will meet you there."
- Rumi
Persian Poet, 1207-1273 AD

Meet Author Linda Thomas

and get her new book, Crystals & Dragons:
The Venture Continues Lessons & Revelations

Saturday, May 20
12:00 pm to 4:00 pm