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Pumpkin Spice Magic

“Pumpkin Spices” all have an element of fire and each adds energy to help us through the dark days of winter. Magically speaking, these spices increase physical and mental activity, bolster our courage, banish negativity and support defensive magic.

Cinnamon, in addition to the fire element and a whole host of health benefits, draws in abundance and adds a kick of energy that amplifies all other energies in the mix. 

Ginger stimulates prosperity, increases personal energy, vigor and induces passion.

Nutmeg offers physical and spiritual protection, aids in meditation and as a plant of Jupiter, attracts  money and luck.

Allspice adds determination and energy to intentions and endeavors. Also good for healing.

Cloves stimulates the mind while relaxing the body. It is also used to boost self-confidence.

Pumpkin butter latte or coffee, keto drink on wooden table with fallen leaves, small pumpkins

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