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A message of hope from Sam Herbert

For all those who need some guidance as our lives are rapidly changing—connecting with your guides, ancestors, and angelic beings is available to you. I know we are all filled with emotions. There are a lot of scary things happening. Yet, this is also a time of great hope. The world is renewing and so are we.

Please remember the light is stronger and is always available to you. Fortunately/unfortunately we are being given the opportunity to face all the things we have been avoiding.

Allow me to connect with your guides, ancestors, angelic beings, and the universe to help you through this time of renewal.

Like you, I love Barjon’s Books—a lighthouse to us all. Barjon’s has provided community to all of us, helping us to grow individually and together. Let’s all do our part to help Barjon’s weather this COVID-19 storm. I am committed to doing my part and will donate half of my fees to Barjon’s Books.

I look forward to helping you release, become, and allow. An investment in yourself allows you to move forward in love and at the same time support Barjon’s Books.

Allow better feelings to find you today. Allow me to share my gifts with you. Allow growth. Allow love. Allow your personal divine messages to be received. I am available to assist you with your psychic medium needs by phone. 

With love,
Sam Herbert, Psychic Medium

Private Psychic Medium Phone Consultations

Phone consultations are can be scheduled between 8:00AM to 7:30PM.

25 minutes – $40
55 minutes – $80

To book your readings, contact Sam Herbert at (406) 598-4359 or
Paypal, Venmo, and Facebook payments are accepted.

About Sam Herbert, Psychic Medium
Sam Herbert is a psychic medium who channels messages and directly connects with guides, angelic beings, past loved ones, and the universe. Sam is originally from Montana and currently lives in Colorado. He has professionally shared his clairvoyant gifts for the past 12 years, several of those years he was a resident reader at Barjon’s Books. Sam connects daily with clients locally and internationally helping people gain clarity and insight about themselves, their situations, and the world around them.

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