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Finding Your Guides

by Todd Kintz, Tarot Readings on Fridays

Between Wicca classes and readings at Barjon’s, I am often asked how to actively contact our spirit guides. While it’s a relatively straight-forward process, it does require practice and patience.

To start, cleanse your space with smoke or your preferred method to keep negativity out. Frankincense, myrrh, sage, and cedar are all effective. Then, sit quietly in meditation with the intention of contacting a guide. I start by focusing on regular breathing and relaxing. 

When ready, picture yourself in a forest with a stream before you. Step over the stream to represent the transition to the unconscious mind and go along the trail before you. Soon you will come to a clearing in the woods. Go to the middle and ask your guide to reveal themselves. 

This is where patience is often needed. When someone shows up, be it an ancestor, guide or Deity, thank them for coming and have a mind to mind conversation. When it’s over, thank them again and leave something as a token of appreciation. Then see yourself walking back to the stream, crossing it, and coming back to your body.

If no one appears to you after a few minutes, don’t be discouraged. Try again. If the spirit that comes wasn’t what you expected, don’t worry. Spirit gives us what we need most at the time before we get what we want. If done consistently over several weeks, it gets easier and a lot of guides can be met and a lot of growth can occur.


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