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Fly to Me: Extraordinary Lessons of Life and Death from a Little Dog

If you have experienced the overwhelming pain from losing a beloved pet, one of the most important things you want to know may be: Is your pet safe, happy and doing well on the other side?

Join author Ellie Hansen and her little dog Tyee on an incredible, inspirational journey that will capture your mind as Tyee gives after-life messages to his grieving family. Each page, with its uplifting true stories and beautiful photography, is a warm embrace for your healing heart. Tyee will give you a glimpse of how departed animals continue to love and are capable of sending the most amazing messages to you.

A surprise visit from a completely wild animal?

A vision in falling snow?

Tyee reveals that anything is possible shortly after his passing.

If you are struggling with the loss of a beloved pet, this book will help you feel a beautiful, warm spark of awareness that your pet is still very much with you.  Realizing this truth will help you begin healing.

A treasured and uplifting gift for those who are mourning, Fly to Me opens extraordinary new doors to the possibility of after-life communication with the animals we love. Included are special tips that will enhance your connection to receive those special messages from your beloved pet.

What amazing spiritual messages are awaiting you?

Winner of these prestigious NATIONAL Literary Awards:
2019 Finalist Best Book Awards, Novelty & Gift Book
2019 Finalist Best Book Awards, Animals/Pets: Narrative Non-Fiction

Ellie Hansen is the founder and CEO of Lovable Pets, Inc. a holistic pet store chain devoted to providing natural foods, supplies and grooming services in Montana. She is also a District Leader for the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and a member of the HSUS Animal Rescue Team. Surrounded and inspired by animals on a daily basis, Ellie currently writes about the thought-provoking and sometimes whimsical experiences she shares with her furry friends. Ellie is featured in Animal Wellness Magazine and The Bark Magazine. She lives on a micro urban farm in Billings with her husband and is unabashedly owned by four dogs, one horse and four chickens. Native to New Jersey, she moved to Montana after a brief vacation made her realize that “Montana was home.”

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