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Gaia, Mother of all Life

In Greek mythology, Gaia was the first deity from whom all others sprang. She was born of Chaos, but as Chaos receded, Gaia came into being. Lonely, she created a spouse named Uranus, but he became lusty and cruel, so Gaia persuaded her other children to help her subdue their father.

Cronos, her son, took a flint sickle to defeat Uranus. Gaia went on to have other mates including Tartarus and Pontus with whom she bore
many children.

Gaia is the primal mother goddess, complete in herself. The Greeks believed that an oath sworn by Gaia was the strongest since no one could escape from the Earth herself. Besides being the creator of the other primordial deities, the mighty Titans, and many other entities, Gaia is also believed to be the origin of prophecy in Greek mythology. 

The gift of foresight was unique to women and goddesses until Apollo became the god of prophecy: even then, it was a role shared with his cousin, Hecate.

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