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Introducing The Rocky Mountain Academy of Energetic Arts led by Danielle Egnew


At Barjon’s, we believe that community is at the heart of healing, not only in one another, but the planet. In this spirit, we are so incredibly pleased and excited to congratulate Psychic, Medium and Angel Translator Danielle Egnew on a major milestone, not only for our longtime dear friend of the store, but for the global wellness and energetic community at large.

Congratulations to Danielle, who launched her Rocky Mountain Academy of Energetic Arts, an online global wellness and energy healing learning institution. She wanted to create a real-life “Hogwarts”, and she did! Many of you already know Danielle as a long-time community builder, and now she has extended the heart for community online.

The academy is a phenomenal learning resource for those looking to earn certificates in a number of specific energetic and wellness disciplines, like Psychic Development, BioField Tuning, Herbalism, ET Education, Tonal Healing, Spirit Communication, Body Wellness, Crystal Healing, Energy Therapies, and so much more, we’re told. Many of these courses focus on hard-to-find subjects, for those wanting to learn specific energy healing or wellness regimens.

Over the past seven years, it’s been exciting for Barjon’s to host Danielle’s in-person Academy classes as her online concept was developed. Though Barjon’s doesn’t have an “official affiliation” with the Academy per se, it’s been our joy to provide a space for Danielle’s concept to grow, and to watch the Rocky Mountain Academy of Energetic Arts develop. This is the fun part for the store, in holding a space for community!

We are so proud of our friend and this resource that’s now available to everybody with an internet connection! To enroll in classes or find out more about their programs and vetted instructors, or more about Danielle Egnew, visit .

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