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March Astrological Insights: A Time for Reflection

By Jen Freeman

At long last, Spring is here! But before that unmistakable surge of life force returns, we still need to navigate Pisces season. Pisces as the last sign of the zodiac is all about endings. It’s a wrapping up of the human experience, a time to reflect and to feel, to absorb and to receive the fullness of the last year. Pisces is the last of the water signs and the last month of winter. It is also associated with the last years of our lives, when we are no longer beginning projects but enjoying the fruits of our labor while preparing for our next great adventure of letting go into the Great Mystery through dying. If you feel yourself slowing down, needing to rest, to feel and heal, reflect and contemplate, you are right on time.

Mercury, the planet associated with the mind and communication, is retrograde until March 9th. A planet in retrograde refers to it’s apparent movement backwards from our vantage point on earth. When a planet is in a retrograde period, the functions associated with that planet are turned inward instead of expressed in the outer world. Mercury’s been dancing between the signs of Aquarius and Pisces, intensifying the “feeling is healing” quality of this time, inviting us to go inward and feel deeply. 

Your mind may feel fuzzy, have a hard time remembering info, and be more tuned in to intuition than analysis. This is an opportunity provided to us by the cosmos to let go into the Mystery and stop going outward for a period of time. Don’t worry—you’ll be able to pick up that thinking again in no time! For now, let yourself relax into your imagination, feeling into the possibilities of what you may create in this new cycle that begins with the Spring Equinox at 9:50 pm MT time on March 19th.

I love to go outside during the exact moment of the Equinoxes and Solstices and feel the energetic change. The shift from Pisces into Aries is a wild ride—I highly recommend it! It’s also a great time to set intentions, to ride the wave of creating new life that Aries represents. May you have a beautiful time resting and reflecting until then! 

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