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Persistent Resistance: Call for Justice from the Celtic Traditions

Collection of Essays, edited by Ellyn Sanna

The Celts were activists for justice. They persuaded kings to change their policies; they stood up for women and 

others who were endangered by prejudice; and they worked with tireless love on behalf of all Earth’s creatures. They resisted the injustice of their day-and they persisted throughout their entire lifetimes, until their deaths. (And some would say that they are still hard at work fighting injustice from the Otherworld.) Following in their footsteps requires a mystical experience of the Divine that expresses itself in acts of tangible justice and compassion.

These essays build on Celtic stories, myths, and tradition to inspire and challenge us. They remind us that we cannot consider ourselves faithful to God if we are not faithful to our entire community (a community that not only includes humans, but also animals, plants, and the entire Earth).

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