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Cleanse Your Energy & Spaces

Use the Elements: Cleanse a space or item with water, fire, earth or air: soak or sprinkle with water, pass through flame or smoke, sprinkle or bury in dirt, as an example.

Salt: Sort of a “catch all” that will soak up all negative energies, place a bowl of salt to clear a space.

Sun and Moonlight: Let your item (or yourself!) cleanse in the sunlight or moonlight, or open your windows to cleanse a space with these energies.

Grab and Flick: If you feel as if you’ve picked up an influence or presence that isn’t of your own vibration, use a “grab and flick” motion. Feel and sense that you’re pulling cords and webs out of your aura that may be linking you to another person, place, or situation.

Crystals: Use corresponding crystals to cleanse a space or item. Lay them on yourself of carry them around to cleanse your spirit.

Charge Your Energy, Space & Tools

Sun & Moonlight: Just like cleansing, you can set an object in the sun or moonlight to let it soak up that energy.

Crystals: Crystals that have been charged and cleansed can be used to charge other items.

Elements: Use the power of the elements to charge items metaphorically or literally.

Visualization: Picture your energy and intention flowing into your item and filling it with power.

Herbs: Charge an item with corresponding herbs by passing them through herb smoke, anointing with herbal oils, etc.

Sound: Use singing bowls, bells or corresponding music to fill an item or space with energy.

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