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Rescuing Ladybugs, by Jennifer Skiff

Rescuing Ladybugs is a book that highlights the true stories of remarkable people who didn’t look away from seemingly impossible- to-change situations, and describes how their lives AND OURS TOO, have been enriched while they’ve worked to save others. 

Most children delight in interacting with ladybugs, butterflies, even ants. At a petting zoo, they marvel at goats, cows, and chickens. They often go on to lock eyes with a dog, cat, or hamster. Rescuing Ladybugs is about those moments with animals when we feel a connection.

In 1997 the author came face to face with a bear imprisoned in a cage, confined by a straightjacket. What could she do? She subsequently led a campaign to build the first bear sanctuary in Laos. Her experience is far from unique, as the compelling stories here show.

From Jaguars in Brazil and Mantas in the Maldives to chickens, rabbits, and pigs at home, humans are moved to rescue animals. As Skiff shows, each and every way we experience connection with our fellow creatures, and give voice to the voiceless, adds to our own well-being. The life force of animals, she reveals, can help one find one’s own.

These stories – including one starring Dave Pauli, speaking at Barjon’s this month – illustrate how we can break the barriers that have collectively caged and separated us to improve all  life on earth.

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