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Tom Brown’s Guide to Healing the Earth

Tom Brown’s Guide to Healing the Earth, is structured around the “Sacred Order of Survival”: shelter, water, fire, and food. In a survival situation, if you take care of your needs following the Sacred Order of Survival, you have a better chance of coming out of that situation alive. For our planet to survive the ongoing stressors and changes to our climates and ecosystems, we need to look at what is happening now and approach caretaking and healing our Earth Mother as we would approach any survival situation.

“Tom Brown’s Guide to Healing the Earth” explores what one person can do as a caretaker and how much each act of caretaking and healing — no matter how small or seemingly insignificant — makes a positive impact. The book shows how every act of caretaking sends out a concentric ring of positive energy to the natural world that is a message of hope and caring, along with the physical actions themselves.

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