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Water Element

Of the four traditional elements, water is the one most closely associated with the energy of creation – all living things need water. It possess qualities of passive reception and purity, but it also has a subtle, pervasive force that influences every aspect of life.

Associated with the Moon, psychic abilities, dreams, and the realm of emotions, the Water Element is a shape-shifter, moving easily throughout the world by following the path of least resistance. Water can help uncover things, and while some of those things are delightful, other remind you why they were hidden in the first place.

Connecting with water

Connecting with water is critical in keeping  your intuition sharp and your emotional health in check. Take a bath, drink water or tea, place a vessel of water near your bed or in a sacred space, visit a body of water such as a pond, river or the ocean, eat fruits and vegetables high in water content. 


Direction: West
Colors: blue, silver, white
Tools: sea shells, rain water, ocean water, seaweek, hag stones, chalice or cup, cauldron
Crystals: Amethyst, aquamarine, topaz, tourmaline, lapis, opal, pearl, sodalite
Plants: Aloe, apple, chamomile, ferns, jasmine, lily, lotus, moss, rose, willow
Tarot: Cups
Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

How to charge water

Use charged water for blessings, cleansings, water meditation or ritual representation and spellwork

  1. To a bowl of water, add a sprinkle of sea salt
  2. Place a clear quartz crystal in the water
  3. Place the bowl under moonlight overnight
  4. In the morning, pour the water
    into a bottle to store for use.

Tears are not the pain.
They are the healing.

-Annette Goodheart

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