Chocolate Around the World Tasting Party with Blind Cat Chocolates

Treat your taste buds to a variety of options ranging from sweet to salty to savory at this chocolate-tasting party. Travel around the world through this journey of flavor discovery to understanding the different types of cacao. Fully appreciate and evaluate a variety of cacao flavors and characteristics through all your senses savoring the before, during and after through observation, touching, listening, smelling, and tasting.

All proceeds go to the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.

Anne is a physician in the evenings working as a radiologist. By day she is the owner and chocolate maker for Blind Cat Chocolate. Anne came late to the world of chocolate. Several years ago, she found out about craft chocolate while visiting the island of Kauai for her niece’s wedding. She and her husband took a cacao farm tour that included a chocolate tasting. The taste of well made, craft chocolate was mesmerizing, and she wanted more. Anne began making her own chocolate at home. It was popular amongst friends and family and never lasted long around the house. People began asking to buy chocolate and Blind Cat Chocolate was born. The Mission of Blind Cat Chocolate is to make delicious, organic craft chocolate to raise money for cat rescue organizations. Net profits from chocolate sales are donated to rescues. The mission also includes using ethically sourced, planet-friendly ingredients and packaging.

Blind Cat Chocolate is named after Anne’s soul kitty – Xel. Xel was found on the side of the road during a family vacation in 2004 had had lost her eyes to infection. However, she did not let blindness stop her from living a wonderful life. Anne and her husband Jim are active cat/kitten fosters for the local animal shelter. They currently share their home with their fur children Squeak and Penelope..

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Jul 12 2024


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


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