Healing and Reconnecting with your Instincts and Intuition in a #metoo World

with Shelley Hayes – Sat. Feb 10th, 1-3pm, $40
(Pre-register before Feb 9th)

For Love & Light on Earth is designed to connect you with the Higher Spiritual Guidance of the Ascended Masters &
Archangels. Through these beautiful meditations you are gently guided along pathways of love, peace and light. You will experience powerful energetic clearing and healing whilst aligning your body, mind and soul to the Christ Consciousness that is Divine Love. Awaken your Sacred Heart and bathe in the bliss of pure unconditional love where healing miracles are made possible for us and our planet.

This deluxe set of 40 colorful cards presents 7 chakras and 33 mudras chosen for their ability to focus energy and
expand consciousness. These mudra hand poses can deliver numerous benefits for both physical and emotional wellness.

The cards present inspirational artwork on one side with instructions on the other side. The 112-page illustrated guidebook offers further information and guided meditations for putting mudras into the practice.

A two-hour, value-packed workshop where you’ll learn how take time to reconnect with your intuition and listen to your instincts to trust yourself and keep yourself safe.

  • Do you have a #metoo story to heal? #timetotrust
  • Did you know that your instincts and intuition are your tools to do so and empower how you show up in your daily life?
  • Learn the difference between your instincts and intuition, how to reconnect to them both, and how to keep yourself safe by trusting YOU.
  • Walk away knowing practical tools and self-defence skills that will ensure you feel safe, confident and prepared.

“I teach women to trust themselves. We do this together by reconnecting them to their ‘built-in and born-with tools’ – their instincts and intuition in order to keep them safe and empowered in the world.” Shelley Hayes, Chief Empowerment Officer of Empowerment Inc., a Billings native, who now lives and thrives in Calgary, AB, Canada where she and her wife co-founded Empowerment Inc., a successful Assertiveness and Self-Defense coaching and training company. (www.empowermentinc.ca)

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May 25 2024


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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