History of Extra-Terrestrial Life on Earth

with Danielle Egnew – Sat. Apr. 28, 1pm – 3:30pm – $45

For many, looking into the stars creates a sense of wonder – is there life on other realms, other worlds? If so, have they visited earth? Are they here now? What do they look like? Where are they from, what do they want? You may be surprised to know that OffWorlders, or Extras-terrestrials, have not only been coming to earth for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years – yet have actually contributed to our genetic make-up, and as such, are currently attempting to communicate with us, everyday. Find out why!

Join Psychic, Medium, and Author Danielle Egnew (ABC, NBC, CW, TNT, Washington Post, Huffington Post) for this mind-expanding live forum: Which OffWorld cultures continue to contribute the most to our culture? Which ethnicities on earth reflect which OffWorld genome? How do we “chat” with OffWorlders? What are they trying to tell us? Which OffWorlders visited which areas of the globe, and why? What do world governments know, and not know, about out OffWorld communities? What are some urban myths about ET’s, and what are the societies truly like? Would Alien life “invade” earth? And how to we create a bridge to communicate with our OffWorld cousins? Why is there an increase in UFO sightings? And so, so much more!

Come armed with your questions! As always, Danielle will answer one Psychic question per each participant during the forum. Due to limited space, forum admission is not guaranteed until payment is received. All admission purchases are final. You may purchase advanced tickets at Barjon’s by phoning (406) 252-4398 or online at https://www.DanielleEgnew-Advisor.com/events

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May 30 2024


1:00 pm - 3:30 pm
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