The Art of Setting Intentions: Mindset over Matter

A weekend intensive Call To Light Academy Event with Danielle Egnew!

Sat. Feb. 17th 2018 – 12-4 pm (half hour break – bringing lunch is encouraged)
and Sunday Feb. 18th 2018 – 1-3:30pm (no break)
Admission $150
Registration deadline is Feb. 11th at 6pm.

This empowering and action-oriented Call To Light Academy weekend intensive classroom series teaches the deep Spiritual Physics behind an Empowered Mindset, assisting in setting intentions for your New Year by identifying and moving past the blocks in the psyche and spiritual field. Learn how to do this for the self, and others!

Action is useless if the intention behind the action is not clear. Our intentions are like a rudder on a ship, and often our intentions are not aligned with our desires. Taking place one day after February 16th’s Chinese New Year, the Year of the Dog, this year is characterized by “Action”.

Coming into the Year of Transformation, we’ll all need a full tank of emotional, spiritual and intellectual fuel for the most direct route between A and B in our exciting growth and personal evolution.

Attend this eye-opening Call To Light Academy Classroom series channeled from the Angelic realm by Psychic, Medium and Author Danielle Egnew (ABC, NBC, CW, Washington Post) and learn: How do we bend spiritual physics when we think? Does time travel exist, and if so, can we go back in time to fix a mistake we’ve made? How do we disguise our deepest fears as desires? Why do intentions matter, if Universe knows our heart? How do we discern whether our intention is a desire of our heart, or an extension of duty or ego? How can we align our desire with intention? What is the difference between “creating our reality”, and co-creating within the space of ALL reality — and why is one far more powerful in its effectiveness? and How do we remove the fears that keep us restricted? How can we embody our greatest hero, and most terrifying
enemy, at once — and how do we empower the hero?

Attendees who are present for both Saturday and Sunday classes will receive a certificate of completion for the Mindset Over Matter class. Class space is only reserved once payment has been received by venue, or online.

Reserve your space by phoning Barjons Books with payment at (406) 252-4398, or registering directly online at

  • Class is limited to 20 people.
  • Registration deadline is Feb. 11th at 6pm.
  • All attendees receive booklet / materials as part of attendance fee.
  • Due to the preparation of materials, this class is non-refundable.
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