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A Mabon Tarot Spread

From Llewellyn’s Sabbats Essential on Mabon

This is a way to look at the energy you have put down and where it will lead –  and what you will have to work with when your path has led in its own direction. 

This spread requires 24 cards total. You will spread and lay down cards in three groups of eight. 

On the first shuffle lay down four cards. This represents what you have sown in the past. Then lay down and additional four cards directly beneath them. This is what you will reap because of the action referred to in the cards above it. 

Shuffle the cards and repeat the process two more times so you have three sets of cards to interpret. 

The first eight cards represent your more distant past, things sown and reaped long ago. The second eight refer to your immediate past and present, and the last eight refer to your distant future. 

You can check photos and notes of your tarot reading from one harvest to the next. Make notes when you change course or seek additional wisdom – see how it affects your life over time.

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