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Ancient Spirit Rising

by Pegi Eyers

Come back to your roots! Drawing on cultural studies and contemporary social justice, Ancient Spirit Rising examines the loss of our vital ethnocultural connection to tribe and place, and why there is a trend to borrow identities from other cultures.

From the wealth of resources available today, an authentic self-identity can be reconstructed from old/new earth-centered societies, using the timeless values of indigenous knowledge (IK) as our model. A weaving of analysis, evocation and promptings of the heart, Ancient Spirit Rising offers strategies for intercultural competency, healing our relationships with Turtle Island First Nations, decolonization, rewilding, restoring an ecocentric worldview, returning to the Old Ways, creating a sustainable future and reclaiming peaceful co-existence in Earth Community.

With extensive notes and exhaustive references, Ancient Spirit Rising is an essential compendium for change!

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