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April Astrological Insights

The Sun in Aries – Hello Spring!
By Jen Freeman

You may have noticed the marked upsurge in energy as the sun switched signs from Pisces to Aries on March 20th. Spring Equinox is the astrological new year, where we switch into the cardinal fire sign of Aries, the brash young courageous warrior, ready to take on this crazy thing we call life (to quote Prince) one more time. 

Mercury, the planet of intellect and rational thinking, was still in retrograde in the sign of Pisces— the intuitive mind, deep sensitivity and feeling— not it’s favorite placement— until March 28th. 

Now, at last, it’s time to move forward with all that has been brewing inside us in the dark this Winter. What’s calling you to move forward? Where are you being invited to step forward in confidence and courage, to reach out and just do it? 

This is the time! Take heart and be brave, you are supported.

The planet Uranus moved into the sign Taurus for the next 7 years last month on March 6th. What does that mean for you? The chance to bring revolution and reformation, sudden electric change and insights (Uranus)  into the areas of your life symbolized by Taurus—money, food, the basics of body and security. 

Old outdated structures will be ripe to be shaken up and infused with new life. Remember this is happening both in our personal lives and on the larger collective playing field.

No matter what the changes bring, the instructions to wisely partner with energy are the same—breathe, center, and listen to the still quiet voice inside of your inner knowing. It’s time for some new energy in this joint! 

Let’s consciously partner with the energies of change and see what wonders we can bring into our own lives and our communities.

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