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Being Love

by Lisa Knowlton, Illuminating Heart Readings on Tuesday & Thursdays

Like clockwork in perfect time, our world is hungry for love in a way it hasn’t been for centuries. Human consciousness is evolving, and we must be willing to look at ourselves as a whole, from the perspective of the individual and as a collective. 

For far too long we’ve poured our interest of love into an external force, whether it be another person/animal, a God/Goddess, or a desire for the intake of something we can’t always get our hands on. 

The work of true love is in our heart mind connection. All too often we hear things like, “love your body with the right foods, a healing touch, or a warm bed for those who are blessed,” but humanity hasn’t believed in how the exquisite and profound action of true love can literally destruct and bring old patterns to a complete and utter halt, especially when the delicacy of worthiness has been tampered with by agoraphobia of the heart.

To believe in more love we must insist on growing from old views and patterns. The grooves of old habits and beliefs determine our warfare on this new way of life, and it is within our hearts truest form that we can redefine our preferences for living in a more loving way.

When a heart has been viciously harmed or corrupted, its true form becomes squandered and malfunctions to the distortion of a dying frequency. A frequency so minimized it becomes frugal in its effervescence and ability to magnify its true nature. When the mind tries to learn about what love is, it tends to grow more from mimicking the heart’s frequency than it does from any kind of conceptual advancement. Thinking about the words and outward behaviors we’ve associated with love does no justice to the true impact of mending the frequency of the heart.

We must devolve into our own heart’s fruition to elevate its frequency. When we begin with this, a mending of cellular disfiguration occurs and the volume of our own heart’s fancies begins to crowd out old views, old ways of being, and the destruction of harmful retrogressions becomes a courageous feat. Collaborating with a bravery hiding in a part of our human system morphs our state of mind and projects it into a new timeframe where we can associate our loving features with that of the great fallout, occurring right now. All that is not of love’s highest form is illuminated and expands across a body of consciousness creating a worry-free escape into a more loving world. 

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