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Cleansing with Smoke

Modern studies have shown that burning herbal smoke can drastically reduce the amount of pathogens and bacteria in the air, by up to 94%.

To burn loose leaves, use an abalone shell or clay bowl. When using charcoal tablets, the bowl or shell should be filled with sand, dirt, or a flat stone to prevent overheating the container.

To burn a “wand” or bundle, hold the bundle at an upward angle, light one end and let it burn for about 20 seconds. Then, gently blow out the flame to leave orange embers. Move the bundle to direct the smoke or gently wave your hand or a fan over the bundle to move the smoke around the space to be cleansed.

Popular herbs for burning

White Sage
Best known as a ceremonial smudge plant. It can change the mood and energy of a room. It is also used for meditation, cleansing, and purification.

People have used it to drive out negative energy, bring in good influences, and even to bless a new house when people are moving in.

Palo Santo
Used for purifying the spirit and clearing negative energy also known to inspire creativity, bring a seeper connection to the divine source, and aid in physical healing.

Used traditionally to cleanse energies and get rid of negativity. Mugwort also has a reputation for stimulating dreams, therefore, many burn it before bedtime.

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