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Connecting with Your Ancestors

Ancestral communications is an ancient and daily practice found in many cultures around the world, including Mayan, Celtic, Aborigine, Indigenous American, Ancient Greece, Ancient Eurasia, African Tribal, Tibetan, and the Vedic/Yogic traditions. Some major religions, such as the Catholic faith, honor the deceased on All Saints Day and All Souls Day
with prayers, candles, incense, chanting, ceremony, and offerings. In Mexico, they celebrate the Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos). And in the Celtic tradition, Samhain, which observes the transition time between the two worlds.

The ancestors are ones who intimately know what it is like to take the human incarnation and share your spiritual and/or physical DNA. They can have great empathy, compassion, and sensitivity for what it is like to be in a personal earth journey. They can provide helpful teachings, guidance, protection, healing, and forgiveness from the spirit dimension.

Opening up your heart and learning how to communicate with your ancestors can provide deep, transformational healing on all levels.

Herbs for Ancestor Work

Mugwort is an essential protection herb, but also enhances psychic visions, dreams, and astral travel. This is especially helpful as ancestors often come to us in our dreams and through psychic visions.

Pine represents the evergreen trees of prehistoric past, representing immortality and renewal.

Tobacco is used in Voodoo and Hoodoo traditions as offerings to the spirits. To many Native Americans, tobacco was smoked as an initiation to many things including friendships, alliances, and at the beginning of a long journey.

Stones for Ancestor Work

Obsidian, for grounding and protection: because of its use in divination to “see” the other side, makes it a powerful stone to use in contacting one’s ancestors.

Selenite opens the crown chakra, a direct connection to the Divine. Its white light brings clarity and breaks through debris that clouds our auras blocking us from connecting with our ancestors.

Lapis lazuli was used by the Ancient Egyptians to honor royalty in the afterlife. Assists with opening the third-eye making it a potent tool to use in ancestor work.

You can find connection to your ancestors in water. The waters and rain that touch your body today are the same waters that hydrated and cleansed the bodies of your ancestors.

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