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December Astrological Insights

The Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction

Are you feeling something in the air? A sense of something big coming, a tremendous shift in energy, direction and vision? You may be picking up the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction exact on Dec. 21st, 2020 at 11:20 am MT.

Here’s a little context: when planets come together at the same degree in the zodiac it is called a conjunction. Much like a new moon, the conjunction represents a beginning, a new cycle. There is much tech backstory to explain this particular conjunction and why it is significant. 

To simplify, the last time Saturn-Jupiter came together like this in an air sign—Aquarius—was approximately 800 years ago. 

This conjunction will flavor the next 200 years, elementally speaking. The previous 200, we have been in an earth cycle, with an emphasis on building on existing foundations for wealth and material security. 

With this new emphasis of Aquarian and air energy, we enter into a time of profound change to the existing power structures and thought on vast collective levels. Aquarius is the sign of radical change, vision, community, the true equality of all beings. The last Saturn and Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius heralded the bridge between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period, 1226 – 1406. This brought in the first intimations of our modern ideas of democracy, rights, and citizenship, among many other things.

What does this mean for you in your day to day life? Expect the unexpected. Be ready for your inner ideas of what is important to shift and evolve, with new revelations appearing regarding your role in both your own life and in the larger world. There will be a stronger focus on community, connectivity, and working together in small groups. Be open to the fact we are called to dream big—Jupiter—while also being challenged to test our dreams and work out the details with great patience and commitment—Saturn. 

It is a turning of the tides—and a most welcome one. The winds of change are coming, with a fresh breeze uplifting us into inspired action. It is not like a sudden light switch change, more like the slow but sure brightening of the dawn. If you have the chance, set aside a little time on the 21st to celebrate this turn and welcome in the energies into your heart and your life. 

Winter Solstice is exact also on Dec. 21st, at 3:02 am MT. It is longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere, with the shortest amount of sunlight. The two together are truly a powerhouse of change. May all beings benefit!

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