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February 2019 Astrological Insights

We are the future as we come to create it

By Tara Cady, Insights Outspoken

If 2018 felt like just yesterday last month, don’t worry, February brings fresh energy. Aquarius is futuristic, an airy sign centered on technological advances that often surpass human comprehension (at the time) yet lead
the way toward a more connected and aware society.

Fun fact: Aquarius rules the tool and practice of astrology. With the Sun being in Aquarius until February 19, your energy will be gravitating toward group endeavors and shared causes, with much of the collaboration happening thanks to new or renewed friendship.

The Aquarius New Moon on February 4 has you feeling contemplative, curious and dreamy. Holding onto emotions and the past are roadblocks right now. Aquarians are the world’s inventors who boldly try something
new that winds up benefiting society. Fiery passion isn’t their driving force, an overactive mind is. Write down all of your scattered, lofty ideals now and task friends to help make sense of them later.

The New Moon energy welcomes the Year of the Pig, according to the Chinese calendar. Those born during a Pig year are amicable people. The earthly Pig energy of 2019 is prospected to both challenge (natural disasters) and reward (lucky earth-centered industries).

Jupiter is in positive energy flow with the New Moon, giving expansive power to anything that is created. Focus on doing something that will help you, others and even the Earth grow.

A Full Moon in Virgo happens February 19, bringing with it a nagging need for control and order. Peace of mind will come from doing all that you can to create and maintain structure (while letting go of the rest).

This Full Moon is harmonious with Mars, so the mania may be in full swing. Sweating the small stuff will come at a cost to your health
if you’re not careful, however.

To balance energy, the Sun is always in a sign karmically opposite to the Full Moon. Pisces is neither practical nor productive, but save the emotional, lazy streak for March if you can help it.

Tara Cady, BA, is a writer by trade and current student of astrology with the International Academy of Astrology. The platform for her astrological writing, Insights Outspoken, is discontinuing as she focuses on becoming a
certified astrologer.

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