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February Astrological Insights: Time to Clean House

How was your January? Do you feel like you’ve gone through an initiation—that you aren’t the same? With the Saturn-Pluto conjunction going exact in the sign of Capricorn on January 12th, there was an enormous sense of pressure. I’ve seen many experiences from that time with my clients, ranging from having a high fever for two weeks and feeling like their “brains are rewired”; saying that they feel their old life is over and a completely new one has begun; and an overall sense of initiation, of crossing over into a new world. What have you experienced? 

The conjunction initiated a cycle that will go until February 2nd, 2054. During that time, we will all be exploring themes related to Capricorn—responsibility, commitment, power, authority, and career & social role. We will also be clearing out the shadows related to those themes including fear, control, rigidity, and over-attachment to what people think or how things look.  

Pluto, the planet of the underworld, is associated with deep archetypal themes of destruction, clearing the way for renewal. I heard one lovely astrologer, Tosha Silver, describe Pluto as taking the corpses out of the living room—which sounds like a good thing, doesn’t it? Easier said than done though for many of us! When Pluto meets Saturn, those corpses are often old structures that are no longer serving, that need to be dismantled so new life can be breathed in to the old and stale. 

For all of us, the invitation is to lean into the universe, trust that what we are being asked to let go of is for the best, and be open to what may arise in that space. Focusing on self care can help tremendously, as well as having compassion for all your fellow travelers who are also being initiated.

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