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Grandmother Aggie’s Blessing

Celebrated with a special figurine from Bell Pine Art Farm

Dearly Beloved, Creator of All, Creator of the Great Mystery, Breathe your healing breath onto these carriers of good medicine so they touch those who hold them and manifest peace in their hearts for themselves and the world. Beloved, with your help we pray for Our Earth Mother’s blood. The precious water all over the world needs us to thank it for all life. We know water can hear, so every human being can give prayers of thanks and talk to the water. Grandfather, include this with the Riverkeeper totems so they embody this prayer. It is done.” Aho!

Grandmother Agnes Baker-Pilgrim, (September 11, 1924 – November 27, 2019)

Grandma Aggie’s bestowed blessings and prayers on the Bell Pine Art Farm studio and in particular gave the above blessing for their Riverkeeper sculpture to carry.  Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim is part of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. Partial proceeds from the sale of this sculpture are donated on behalf of Grandmother Aggie’s work and water.

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