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January Astrological Insights

by Tara Cady of Insights Outspoken

Hard work and karma go hand-in-hand when it comes to Capricorn and its ruling planet Saturn. So when the sun conjuncts Saturn in its transit on New Year’s Day, you can expect karma to pay you a visit for your patient progress, or lack thereof.

Capricorn is the father sign, and much like a stereotypical breadwinning patriarch, you may have a weight of responsibilities on your shoulders. You may be inclined to put emotions aside for practical purposes, like getting a job done.

The Capricorn new moon comes January 6, illuminating areas of status/reputation, recognition, security, authority and responsibility. Have you attached a Capricornian sense of duty to your New Year’s resolutions? Are your resolutions practical? Tap into Capricorn’s natural managerial and
organizational skills to achieve your goals, while letting go of Capricorn’s need for control.

Saturn’s work is slow and steady, so be patient with yourself as you progress toward greatness. Make sure you’re not taking the easy way out
by setting the bar too low; Saturn’s karma rewards challenging endeavors and sacrifice. To balance out, seek out nature and comedic relief. It’s no fun to stay serious for long, so share a laugh with friends and family and ground yourself in the great outdoors.

The Cancer full moon, a supermoon, comes January 21. Cancer, ruled by the moon, is Capricorn’s karmic opposite: the mother figure. Nesting is the name of the game, where you’d rather eat a delicious meal that reminds you of mom while resting your feet after weeks of hard work.

This moon is in positive energy with Venus, Mars and Jupiter. Therefore, there will be lots of love to go around. Impactful first impressions will reward you at work and at play, and all relationships will be graced with genuine care and connection. Now’s the time to make a move to get what you want in partnership.

The only thing — and it’s a big thing — that may throw those fuzzy feelings for a loop is that Mars and Saturn square on the same day. These two squaring off foreshadows a real fight. Try to stay out of harm’s way and go where you feel most at home and safe. Loved ones will be able to provide any necessary emotional security.

There are a few other planetary influences happening around this full moon, so size your natal chart up to what’s happening in the sky by using a website like It’s free and your horoscopes will be much more personalized.

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