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May Astrological Insights – Your Inner Work Will Serve You Later

by Jen Freeman

After traversing the fiery heat of Aries, the sun’s journey through the fixed earth sign Taurus is all about getting down to some serious business of making MORE. More leaves, more fruit, more babies. More earth, people! I like to think of Beltane as the time of year when Mother Nature brings out her inner Barry White and gets all the ladies ready for another round of creation.

Against this giddy backdrop of procreation, there are some stormy waters asking us to dive deep into our shadows and truly deal with the issues we’d rather keep hidden. Pluto, the planet of underworld dark goddessness, went retrograde on April 24th in the sign of Capricorn. We will be getting the chance to take a good hard look inside at our fears of survival and our desires to control (the shadow side of Capricorn), between now and October 3rd.

The remedy for navigating these shadow waters is twofold. One, realize it’s non-optional—Pluto doesn’t ask if you want to, it tells you you are going to! Whatever is coming up is there for you to face and to integrate and you will be much better off for doing so. Resistance is futile.

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