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Moon and Magic

Associated with enlightenment and illumination, our conscious and subconscious, the Moon’s method of illumination is more subtle, relying on reflected light. The moon represents the type of knowledge that comes to us through insight, rather than the kind we can actively search for in the world.

Moon Phases

For an easy way to tell what phase the moon is in – use the mnemonic D O C, for waxing, full, waning.

New Moon

  • Cleansing and purifying of the body and mind
  • Rituals that designate sacred space
  • Any magic related to inner harmony and peace

Waxing Moon

  • A money spell
  • A working to get a new job or home
  • Bringing love into one’s life
  • Any magic related to increasing material items

Full Moon

  • Spells related to increasing your intuitive awareness
  • Healing magic
  • Rituals that connect you closely with deity, such as Drawing Down the Moon
  • Any magic related to developing your magical skills

Waning Moon

  • Magic to eliminate negative people or toxic relationships from your life
  • Workings to smoothly end a relationship or job
  • Rituals that banish bad habits
  • Any magic related to reducing things, such as debt, illness, etc.

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