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November 2018 Astrological Awareness: Owning Your Shadow Side

By Tara Cady of Insights Outspoken

There’s a lot going on in the sky this November. A retrograde is happening every day in the 30-day month, but that’s no reason to be wary of the future or halt your positive movement forward.

Until November 16, Venus is retrograde. Starting November 16, Mercury is retrograde. Such celestial happenings encourage us to look within in the areas of relationships (Venus) and communication (Mercury). Of course, some events may happen TO us rather than WITHIN us, but we can circumvent that by being open to change and receptive of the lessons the universe is trying to teach.

Cosmic messages are most powerful at full moons, and the new moon is a time for acting on those messages. Whatever was learned during October’s Taurus Full Moon can certainly be approached on November 7, during the Scorpio New Moon.

Scorpio, where both the Sun and Moon reside on November 7, and where the Sun remains until November 22, is a fixed water sign. It is the power of moving water, harnessed like ice. Think of it as emotion buried deep. Your job during the Scorpio New Moon is to melt a little ice off and reveal, acknowledge and accept the darkness you’ve worked hard to keep hidden. The melting will signify a death to some depths and rebirth as things surface. Scorpio’s nature is secretive, stubborn and deep. Those attributes can help us be protective of our truth, but they can also aid in avoiding it. While it may not be time to share your depths with anyone but yourself, it is time to try healing what you’ve been hiding by bringing it to your conscious awareness.

More messages will come once the Sun leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. The Gemini Full Moon arrives November 23,
bringing to focus elements of communication, including travel. However, our minds may not be focused at all — because the messages from the moon and people, places and things here on Earth can come so fast and frequent that it has a dizzying effect. The Mercury retrograde will not help this, nor will it allow us to deal with the messages until the planet of communication (Mercury) goes direct December 7. Luckily, that’s also the day of the next new moon, when action is more favorable.

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