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October 2018 Astrological Awareness: Venus Retrograde in Scorpio

By Tara Cady of Insights Outspoken

One Zodiacal Sun sign occupies the first two thirds of any given month. For October, that’s Libra. Come Oct. 23, the Sun enters Scorpio, where it stays for the last third of the month and into November. The Sun is not the only planet entering Scorpio’s intense depths this fall season. Venus entered Scorpio on Sept. 9, and goes retrograde in the same sign on Oct. 5 until mid-November. Its Scorpio vacation is longer than the Sun’s, and its influence is somewhat different. With both the self-centered Sun and the self-worth-centered Venus in Scorpio, expect to dig at the depths of your soul to assess and justify what’s meaningful in your life.

Venus rules Taurus and Libra. Its focus is on self-worth and relationships. With this retrograde, we’re asked to look within and assess if the outside world – our work and friendships – make us feel good on the inside. Is there a balance between what we’re giving and receiving from our employer? From our colleagues, friends and family? Are we honoring who we really are with the circumstances we put ourselves in? Do our possessions bring a sense of abundance or a sense of burden?

The weight we carry needs to feel worth it during a Venus retrograde. If things are out of alignment, it may be hard to ignore and even harder to remedy at this time. Luckily, Venus is patient and kind, and encourages you to be the same. Internalize the lessons of self-worth being taught and prepare a course of social action that better aligns with your authentic self.

Once Venus moves out of retrograde, we enter a Mercury retrograde, thus affecting our communication. Don’t despair. Come early December, everyone’s intended message will
become clear and we’ll really make headway toward balancing our heart with our environment.

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