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Peridot for Love and Healing

Green stones offer a powerful vibration in matters of the heart. In this purpose, peridot is a wonderful tool for focusing and enhancing positivity, especially intentions of love, cleansing and healing.

Are you full of love and bright feelings for the world? Let peridot enhance that wave. Is your heart feeling in need of healing from hurt or trauma? Use peridot to filter and cleanse your feelings and intentions in whatever connection makes you feel weighed down or trapped. Peridot worn on a necklace or ring will resonate these intentions throughout your day.

Peridot amplifies energies. Good luck is often associated with the color green – and for good reason! Carry a little peridot in your pocket to attract these positive energies and it will feel like your path is lucky indeed.

Stop by Barjon’s today to pick up a Peridot, browse our wide variety of stones and jewelry, and see which ones speak to you!

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