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Spring Equinox: a time of creation

The Spring Equinox is a time of balance, marking the beginning of longer days. The equilibrium between polarities bring us awareness of the duality of nature; light balances the dark as life balances death. The world as we know it in the northern hemisphere awakens from its winter rest.

A favorite symbol of the vernal equinox is the egg. To many cultures, the egg represents the cyclical rebirth of nature and a symbol of creation. The cosmic egg is a major symbol in creation myths, occurring in all parts of the world. In these traditions, an egg emerges out of darkness, floating upon the waters of chaos. Within this egg resides a divine being who literally creates himself from nothing, who, once birthed, uses the material within the cosmic egg to bring shape and order to the world.

Now’s a chance to set your intentions for the year ahead: What do you hope to accomplish or manifest into reality? Use the symbolism of the egg for new birth and fertility and the power of color to give your dreams the perfect boost.

Easter cosmic eggs

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