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The Power of 2023

by Danielle Egnew, Intuitive Readings on Tuesdays

One of the most exciting things for me, as someone who regularly communicates with Quantum Beings who see all space-time as One Time (we like to call these Quantum Beings “angels”), is the peering into future events.

Considering that angels feel no need to acknowledge linear time (because again, insert the “all time is happening at one time” Quantum understanding of the angelic realm), my job is then a bit like untangling those tiny, fine chains that get dumped into a jewelry box in 1986, and then churned for 30 years while other jewelry is sought after–until the chains themselves are triple-knotted into a concrete ball.

Thankfully, I’m assisted with untangling the wad of space-time-almost-forgotten jewelry by Angelic Beings who don’t even notice there is a knot. And in one of the untangling sessions, I had the opportunity to “glance forward” (if there actually were a forward and a backward), and survey 2023’s most potent contribution to our development as a human species:

The re-definition of Hope.

Now that may sound trite. Even a little saccharine, if one leans a bit to the Goth side of life. However, it’s really rather exciting. Because the Old World’s definition of traditional “hope” really needs a dust-off, in how society has evolved today.

This Feminine Timeframe, which kicked into gear around 2012, lasts 100,000 years. Like a pendulum, the Yang energies and the Yin energies swing back and forth, taking approximately 100,000 years to complete one “swoop” of the energetic lob. Anyone born in the 20th century would have no recollection of the former Feminine Timeframe. Thus, this re-entry into the timeframe of the feminine seems “new” to all of us, lending to the term “The New Realm” that we are headed into.

Or, as these angels like to put it, “The Original Realm”, as in, what was originally here in the building block format energetically, before we paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

No matter what you call it, the Feminine Timeframe is here to redefine, or reframe, many things. Right now, in 2023, one of the biggest re-imaginings is Hope.

During the end of the Masculine Timeframe, with particular attention to the last 1,500 years, we’d tripped into the “Imbalanced Patriarchal” section of our learning experience. To give one an idea of the differences between these modalities, let me utilize a dog analogy. (Because, who doesn’t like dogs?)

The Divine Masculine is like a deliciously chill big dog up on a hill, mellow and watching over the sheep herd below, secure in its ability to chase off predators. The Imbalanced Patriarchal is more like a neurotic chihuahua, barking to let everyone know it’s alive. 100,000 years is a long time, so a good 5,000 years was spent in the barking chihuahua zone. (It’s not optimum for defining a society. Unless the society is neurotic. Cue the Industrial Revolution, and the 20th Century.)

In this frenetic energy, many definitions for words, thoughts, actions, and social modalities took on the “barking chihuahua” construction. One of those modalities was Hope.

The definition and idea of Hope was swallowed up by organized religion. Hope became this thin, odd piece of tape that held Faith onto the box known as Belief. Somehow, Hope itself became reduced and watered down to a gateway drug of sorts, whose only purpose was to prime someone for vast disillusionment when the “faith” didn’t produce the answers to prayers that “belief” was supposed to champion.

During the Imbalanced Patriarchal Timeframe, Hope got a bad name.  “Don’t give me false hope,” people would proclaim, clutching their pearls and waiting for the other shoe to drop, then expected to crush the life out of their wildest dreams.

Hope became a hammer of disappointment. Hope became just another myth, like the Fountain of Youth, or an Amazon account that actually didn’t secretly charge your credit card for weird stuff you didn’t order.

In fact, the concept of “false hope” is so erroneous, it’s a bit comical. It’s like saying “dry water”, or “soothing acid”, or “inexpensive airline tickets.”

The very nature and energy of Hope can never be false. Because it truly encapsulates all that is possible. 

Yet towards the end of the Masculine Timeframe, where bluster, shaming, blaming, deflecting, bullying, and oppressing were considered “hot leadership traits”—a word that encapsulated “anything being possible” would really put a wrinkle in the gaslighting flair of the 20th century.

So, the press-campaign to brainwash the world that Hope wasn’t really Hope—took off.

However, in the Timeframe of the Feminine, where the feminine energies literally can achieve absolutely anything, from growing complex life forms from single-celled raw ingredients, to spending a whole workday in 6-inch heels—Hope is allowed to flourish under its original design and definition. 

In 2023, we will re-acquaint ourselves with the true nature of Hope. It’s not an adjective. It’s a verb. We don’t feel hopeful. We HOPE, therefore we feel expectant. Hope will have a spotlight cast upon its tremendous power in 2023. While wackadoodles in power and folks with broken hearts continue to try the neurotic barking chihuahua route, attempting to “sell” their 20th century version of reality to a world that has moved on, Hope will be the quiet, smiling energy, rolling beneath the feet of every human on this planet.

We will feel it. We will be it. While others get cringy with fear, we will close our eyes and breathe in the Hope that comes through the tips of the tree branches, through the warm smiles of others we pass on the street.

We won’t be able to define this warm, fluffy, safe feeling at first. It’s been a long time since we trusted one another. Yet as Hope does, it will simply appear in our kindness. Our willingness to give another a chance, and our compassion as we let those go who have simply chosen a much more aggravated learning path.

We will not resent them for their choices. We will Hope the best upon them.

Hope, in terms of spiritual physics, or even in terms of how the angelic realm views the word, means “unlimited opportunity for unlimited potential and unlimited outcomes.” 

Hope isn’t a “maybe”. It’s the mechanics of a slam-dunk.

So this year, in 2023, let us enjoy the redefining of Hope. Let it roll through your skin, and your heart, and ease your mind, to know (not “hope”, but know), that our greatest ability to heal, to help, to uplift to create—Hope–is now not simply a wistful concept of the mind, yet dough in our hands, here to fortify the spiritual and physical body.

What we bake with it? Well. That’s up to us.

I vote we start with donuts.

Glazed donuts
Hope - sidewalk chalk

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