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upSwing by Tamra Fleming

upSwing a shift from unconscious habits to simple, conscious practices that result in more joyful, illuminated, peaceful, and blissful states. “An illuminated life is one where you have consciously evolved and consistently chosen to be your absolute best. It does not mean being perfect. It means being conscious, awake, committed to the practice of higher thought, and living in accordance with universal laws.”

Have you read all the books and tried multiple ways to create change in your life, only to find yourself repeating the same old habits? Do you desire higher consciousness but slip too easily into your ego-self? Does a life of peace, joy, and, ultimately, bliss seem impossible? If you’re tired of life as usual, you can start right now with small practices to change your way of being. You can build your consciousness muscle and learn new ways to stay consistent with your personal evolution.

upSwing contains tools for you to stay the course. Open it on any given day to remind yourself of how you want to show up in the world. Before falling to sleep, feed your mind a universal concept that will shape your subconscious.

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