Balancing Yin and Yang: Traditional Chinese Strategies for Optimizing Sexual Health

The ancient Chinese concepts of Yin and Yang encompass more than just mental and spiritual balance. In traditional Chinese medicine, Yin and Yang are fundamental forces in the human body, affecting all areas of health. 

In this class, we will explore ways to balance Yin and Yang to optimize our libido. We will learn how to naturally increase and decrease these forces with special herbs and foods for better sexual health.

Wren Nymeyer is an herbalist, wellness  educator, and meditation teacher that has over two decades of experience  leading workshops on various physical, energetic, and spiritual healing  systems. With a diverse background spanning various shamanic and  mystery traditions, Wren draws from his experience with professional  space clearing, energetic and vibration healing techniques, meditation,  plant medicine, and ancient divination practices. They studied traditional  Chinese herbal sciences at the East West School of Herbology and hold  an advanced certification in Himalayan Sound and Vibrational Healing Therapy.

Space is limited to 12 attendees. 

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Feb 17 2024


1:00 am - 3:00 pm

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