Breaking Free: Healing from Abusive Relationships

Join Marcia Colver from Channeling Divine as she facilitates the transformative class “Breaking Free: Healing from Abusive Relationships.” In this comprehensive course, you’ll explore the practice of cutting energetic cords to reclaim your emotional well-being and break free from the influence of past abusers.

With compassionate guidance, interactive discussions, and practical exercises, you’ll gain insights into the dynamics of abusive relationships, learn to identify and release energetic cords, and cultivate self-compassion and resilience. Embark on this journey towards healing, liberation, and the creation of healthy, empowering relationships with Marcia Colver. “You cannot completely heal the body or mind without healing the energy body.”

Internationally known psychic healer and spiritual alchemist Marcia Colver Reichert uses her intuition and supernatural readings to tell you about what is happening in your life as well as past lives, generational issues and inter-dimensional lives.

Space is limited, so call Barjon’s Books now to reserve your spot. There will be opportunity for followup care as well.

The event is finished.


Feb 10 2024


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm



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