Citadel of Light: Strategies for Energy Clearing and Fortification

In this workshop, we take a deep dive  into the essential principles of personal and spatial energy clearing  and fortification. We will explore practical and time-tested techniques  for cleansing, reinforcing, and balancing the energies of ourselves and  our living spaces. Learn about various techniques, meditations, and  plant and mineral allies that can assist in clearing and strengthening  our energy body and environment. In addition, we will examine how  various cultural and spiritual traditions deal with negative and  invasive energies in both people and places.

If  you have ever struggled to cleanse unwanted energies from yourself or  your living space or found it hard to maintain a positive vibration  after a space clearing, bring a notebook and an open mind to this deeply  informative workshop and arm yourself with some best practices for  personal energy hygiene.

Jim Nymeyer is an herbalist, wellness  educator, and meditation teacher that has over two decades of experience  leading workshops on various physical, energetic, and spiritual healing  systems. With a diverse background spanning various shamanic and  mystery traditions, Jim draws from his experience with professional  space clearing, energetic and vibration healing techniques, meditation,  plant medicine, and ancient divination practices. He studied traditional  Chinese herbal sciences at the East West School of Herbology and holds  an advanced certification in Himalayan Sound and Vibrational Healing  Therapy.

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Sep 23 2023


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


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