Experience an Intimate Conversation with your Animal Family

with Rebecca Flores – Sat. January 20, 1pm to 4:00pm – $45

* * * Please note: In an effort to accommodate attendees of Saturday’s Women’s March, the start time has been changed to 1pm (from 12pm previously) * * *

Furry, feathered or scaled our best friends are ancient, wise beings who would love to share their knowledge with you!

During this workshop you will connect with your beloved friend through the realms of imagination and pure love. There’s no denying the deep connection we share with our pets yet, we still long to let them know how much we love them, want to care for them in the best way and wish they could tell us what they need.

We often worry that we’re just not doing enough for them. Your intelligent friend is already communicating to you in a variety of ways and is waiting for you to reach out with full presence to connect even more.

When the wild gecko in Hawaii shared with me his view on enjoying life to the fullest and connecting with nature it was a delight! As I tune into the animals of people all over the world they share with me a how important our coming back to our joy is, how living life fully now is key to our happiness and cherishing the simple things brings peace. Each animal has their own message and their own interests and often need to be assigned a job to feel that they are contributing to the household (“pack”).

What will your friend share with you? The possibilities are endless when you choose to open your heart to communication. Enjoy this interactive workshop where you’ll follow guided meditation to connect to your friend and open yourself up to a whole new level of communication, trust and joy!

Learn how to listen your pet, ease their anxiety, develop an even deeper heart connection and nurture it, learn from your pet how to experience more joy, peace and love. Bring a recent photo of your pet, notepad and pen & get ready to open your heart even further to pure love!

Rebecca Flores has completed the Usui Reiki Master Training, Betsy Morgan-Coffman Advanced Channeling and the Arthur Ford International Academy of Mediumship. As a Self-Empowerment Mentor and Multi-dimensional Energy Teacher she assists people to
realize their true power as an unlimited spiritual being with a unique purpose of light to bring forth into the world. Through one-on-one mentorship, classes and retreats she has helped people shift their long held beliefs in fear into unity, pure love and an empowered life aligned with their heart’s passion! For more information visit Rebecca’s website: www.rebeccachannels.com

Register online at rebeccachannels.com or call Barjon’s Books (406) 252-4398.

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May 30 2024


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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