How to Thrive Even Amidst Deep Negativity

with Danielle Egnew – $45.00

Life is never going to be “perfect”. If we all had no money issues, no overly-dramatic family members, no difficulty with individuals at work – it would be much easier to achieve the state of Nirvana that many spiritual teachings describe. Yet, our lessons are often shared through bursts of unexpected chaos in our lives, and this chaos can splatter onto our “emotional windshield” and cloud our viewpoint. However, the “splatter” doesn’t have to change our entire view of our path, or our world, though we often give all the power to the pain and distraction of the splatter.

This forum provides tools for how to create a beautiful and peaceful perimeter within the self, even amidst the most chaotic lessons imaginable, so that your most vibrant  life path may be enacted. Join Angelic Channel, Psychic, and Author Danielle Egnew (as seen: ABC, NBC, CW, Washington Post, Huffington Post) as she presents bullet points from the angelic realm in the form of spiritual physics on how to: View chaos for the lesson that it brings without becoming emotionally attached; tools for creating a perimeter of purpose that is impervious to negativity; grounding through chaos that is not our own;  identify a “trauma response” instead of simply reacting to it; adjust our “trauma response” to not engage with draining energies; redirect our passions into action instead of replay reactions; accept personal accountability and enact self-forgiveness, for how we play into the chaos – and much more.

$45 admission – seats are not guaranteed until admission purchase is received online or by the venue. Forum admission includes Danielle answering one personal psychic question during the forum Contact Barjon’s Books at (406) 252 – 4398 for more information or to secure seating via cash. To purchase admissions online via credit card, visit, and scroll to “How to Thrive Even Amidst Deep Negativity”.  Due to limited seating at venue, all ticket sales are final. Have a glorious forum!

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May 30 2024


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


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