Love as Protection

When learning protective mechanisms, we oftentimes use barriers and extra hardening tactics to keep unwanted forces out of our field. This can help if we think our existence was meant for a warriorship against love, but

if this hardening moves us to feel afraid above all else, our hearts will never know true love and warriorship.

During this class we will collectively learn to embrace our own truth of love already living within our heart while showing each other there are characteristics of love in all of us. The group will be led through energy harmonizing and cleansing practices while being instructed how to open and expand our energy. We will practice learning to trust the vibration of love that expounds around us while understanding the profound and universal abundance of love existing in our world. This type of protection holds a grandiosity over shrinking and blocking our view of the world as a safe place. Build strength in comfort with yourself and comfort with knowing love can harmonize with another’s strength to grow and become comfortable no matter who they are. 

Lisa has been practicing energy manipulation as a yoga instructor for 27 years and provides one-on-one illuminating heart readings on Fridays at Barjon’s.

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Nov 04 2023


12:00 pm - 3:00 pm


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