Navigating Fear and Managing Emotions

with Walt Williams – Sat. June 9, 1 – 3pm – $35
(Pre-register by June 8)

Navigate through the emotional system in our bodies to gain a better understanding of the power we have to navigate fear and manage emotions with these techniques based on reality theory.

This workshop will provide tools that will help manage daily emotional disruption and provide information on how we develop the beliefs that impact our emotional well-being. Also, it will provide how participants can test these beliefs and change patterns of behavior that can lead to these emotions that are causing the disruption. This course will provide participants with a navigation process that provides an overall increase in personal satisfaction while managing daily emotional challenges and increasing overall happiness.

Recommended supporting Material: The Science of Well Being/Yale,

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May 30 2024


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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Saturday, May 20
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