Plant Allies for Shadow Work

with Jim Nymeyer, Clinical Herbalist
October 28th, 1-3pm – $45
Working with our inner shadows in healthy and beneficial ways supports spiritual evolution and overall health. As we move into the darker half of the year–with longer nights and colder weather–we are provided a beautiful opportunity to spend more time in introspection. Shadow work involves approaching our inner tender spots, including hurt, anger, and grief, with guidance and in a safe space. Whether working with a shadow work journal, a mental health professional, or a spiritual guide, plants and the natural world can provide meaningful support. In this class, we will journey through folklore, ancient symbolism, and personal accounts of magical allyship with the plant world. We will highlight the mystical aspects of certain plants that beneficially contribute to shadow work and the road to personal betterment.

Trigger warning: In this class, we will touch on some topics which certain people may find triggering. These topics include grief, anger, thoughts of harm/self-harm, and mental illness.

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Nov 18 2023


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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