Treating Ascension Symptoms: The Shift Has Hit The Fan

Are you having issues with not sleeping? Joint pain? Irritability? Unusual hopelessness or depression? Anxiety? Are you struggling with digestion issues lately, or have you recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune “disorder”?

Though there are of course medical reasons for all of the above — a great deal of people are struggling with dimensional offset issues — or, more commonly known as ASCENSION SYMPTOMS — which are being mistaken as solely physical issues. This potential miscatagorization can lead to expensive pharmaceutical and medical treatment which may not “solve” the physical problem at hand.

Though termed differently, NASA has been dealing with dimensional offset issues (“space sickness”) for decades with their astronauts. There’s a LOT going on right now with energetic shifts. Some are more psychological, yet many are more physical, which lead to psychological struggles.

In fact, there are many physical symptoms with dimensional offset physics, or “Ascension”, than one might even be aware of. Or perhaps one is mistaking these symptoms for something else?

Join Psychic and Angelic Translator Danielle Egnew (ABC, NBC, Travel Channel, Washington Post, Huffington Post) for a tutorial on dimensional offset issues, and what we can do to help the body and mind, through this naturally-occurring raising of consciousness and physical vibration. It’s all part of evolution, yet we don’t cover the vibrational aspect of “change” in traditional science.

This forum is not intended to medically diagnose or medically treat any medical conditions, yet to expand knowledge on the root causes of physical issues presented in this vibrationally fascinating evolutionary timeline, for the purpose of assisting in the managing of troublesome physical issues.

Admission is $45. (We apologize for any inconvenience, yet due to limited space, admission is non-refundable.) Purchase admissions here:

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May 30 2024


1:00 pm - 3:30 pm



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